Our 8-hour course in practical machine learning gives development teams the courage and practical skill of testing simple machine learning solutions to real business problems. 


Lecture 1: non-technical introduction

This lecture is targeted at all team members, technical and non-technical, and looks at the most important concepts in machine learning from 30,000 feet. From defining "artificial intelligence" to breaking down the cost of machine learning development, we get everyone in the company thinking about the potential uses of machine learning in their work.


The first technical block consists of 3 hours of theory and hands-on work, all aiming to give developers an intuitive grasp of the core technical ideas, algorithms, and development processes used in machine learning development. We go from initial problem formulation to evaluation and debugging of machine learning systems while bringing plenty of examples from real use cases.

WoRKSHOP BLOCK 2: applications of Machine learning

The second technical block takes 4 hours and focuses on putting the previously learned concepts to practice. We learn to predict the prices of apartments, build an email spam filter, distinguish photos taken in kitchens and living rooms, and top it off with a presentation on the latest and greatest achievements in deep learning. We also take an hour to brainstorm and discuss ideas for applying machine learning to what your team is working on right now.




"an excellent combination of theory and practice"

"a strong foundation in practical machine learning"

The workshop was very inspirational! SEB employees from both business and IT from the Baltics got a strong foundation in practical machine learning methods, and a very exciting overview of state-of-the-art AI solutions. The instructors clearly explained both basic and advanced concepts with plenty of examples. Even though the participants’ technical background varied a lot, everybody managed to execute relevant code. We definitely recommend DataMob workshops to companies who would like to get their first experience with machine learning, or dive deeper into it.
— Lennart Kitt, Head of Customer Analytics and Data Science, SEB Baltic Division
The workshop program was an excellent combination of theory and practice with a very strong emphasis on tying into our existing projects, environment and know-how. DataMob was willing to customize the workshops program against our needs while providing their own professional vision and guidance. The instructors were professional and left us with a detailed and clear understanding of state-of-the-art practical machine learning, and tools for prototyping machine learning in our own projects.
— Raul Ennus, Head of Development & Partner, Helmes



Operations & Marketing

Karin was born with an innate ability to understand people and connect with them. She understands customer relations, community building and effective leadership on much deeper level than most people working on the field. She is a passionate organiser and planner.


Data Scientist & Speaker

Taivo is extremely data-driven with a strong technical background focusing on Machine Learning. He enjoys hacking and optimising stuff, including himself. His biggest strength is taking complex data through analysis and visualisation in order to make decisions.


Data Engineer & Speaker

Joonatan is the kind of person who dreams in code while gradually automating all of the work he is doing. He has years of practical experience using data analysis and machine learning in real life. He can solve complex problems quickly, and he can teach others to do so as well.



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